Safe Knight Provides A Wide Range Of Security Services
We can create a specific security management plan that suits the needs of your business.  Our services include :

  • Personal Protection
  • Special Events
  • Movie and Television Productions
  • Corporate Protection
  • Private Functions
  • K9 Patrol Teams
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Sporting Events
  • Licensed Premises
  • Charity Functions
  • Static Guard Security
  • Cash Collection (CIT)
  • Security Management
Security Officers

Safe Knight has effective and well-trained security officers which reflect positively on your company’s image and serves as a deterrent to crime and loss within your business.

Safe Knight security supervisors and officers are professional, competent, dedicated officers who are selected and extensively trained. Their expertise ranges from basic security functions to crisis management, anti terrorism, emergency response, risk management and OH&S procedures.

Crowd Control

Safe Knight  Professional and responsive Crowd Control services have made our Security Team the undisputed leader in the field of Hospitality and major event security.

As a professionally trained team in crowd control their primary roles will be to, monitor crowd and individual behaviours, monitor intoxication levels, deter any disorderly behaviour and detect any criminal and anti-terrorism activity. Maintain a physical presence in line with excellent customer relations having a professional and effective security team will reflect positively on your company’s image. The team supplied by Safe Knight are fully licensed and trained to provide a Hostile Free environment by maintaining effective and clear communication with the crowd.

Executive and Personal Protection

At Safe Knight we understand that high-profile positions in government, business and entertainment may require personal protection. We plan and assign specific executive protection specialists to each particular assignment to ensure the safety and needs of our clients are always exceeded. Our team incorporates specific screening and rigorous training to ensure first-class security for all our executive clients. Additional security services we include are full security evaluations, threat assessments and investigation, emergency support and extraction programs and threat resolution.